Sleeper & Installations for Box Trucks

Revolutionize your business by installing a comfortable sleeper on you BOX TRUCK with Trucking Solutions X for only $5,200. Installation included
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Revolutionize your box truck business with Truckingsolutionsx’s custom installations, designed to reduce driver turnover rates, eliminate costly hotel expenses, and ensure compliance with USDOT regulations.

Are you tired of costly hotel expenses, facing high driver turnover rates, and the risk of non-compliance with USDOT regulations? We understand the challenges you face and we’re here to help. Here are some benefits that our Sleepers will be adding to your fleet.

Cost Savings: Carriers spend thousands of dollars each month on hotel expenses. By providing a comfortable sleeping space in the box truck, you can eliminate these hotel expenses and save your business money starting on day 1.

Enhanced Driver Comfort: High driver turnover rates remain a significant challenge in the trucking industry. Many drivers are forced to endure uncomfortable cab seats, leading to fatigue, exhaustion, and even accidents. Our Sleepers offer a cozy and comfortable sleeping space, enabling drivers to rest adequately and perform at their best.

Boost your Productivity: Drivers can split their hours of service into two segments, which is a big advantage in the trucking industry. Switch your logbook to SLEEPER MODE while waiting to get loaded. This means less downtime for your business and more time on the road, thereby increasing overall productivity.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with USDOT regulations is crucial for any carrier. There are instances when drivers, feeling tired, simply need a quick nap at 2:00 AM at a rest area until a cop knocks on his window. The USDOT has made it illegal for drivers to sleep across the seat in a box truck, and failure to comply can result in costly penalties and violations that will eventually lead your company’s safety rating to become Conditional. By installing a sleeper in your box truck, you can keep your drivers compliant and avoid these costly risks altogether.

Smart Design: Our Sleepers are designed to be space-efficient, occupying just 25.5″of the cargo space, while still providing a comfortable 30” sleeping space. This design ensures that your drivers have enough space to get the rest they need without compromising valuable cargo space.

Extra Storage Space: Our sleeper provides you with several storage compartments, both in the cab and in the cargo area, enabling your driver to store his belongings under the bed as well as storing all your blankets, load bars and dollies in the cargo storage and keeping your cargo area looking clean and organized.

Efficient Installation: Worried about prolonged installation times? Rest assured, our installations are completed in just 1 to 2 days. We understand the value of your time and aim to minimize any disruptions to your operations.

In conclusion, our Sleepers can revolutionize your Trucking business by eliminating motel expenses, enhancing driver comfort, reducing driver turnover rates, boosting productivity, and ensuring regulatory compliance. The resulting savings alone can pay for the Sleeper in as little as 2 months, which makes this sleeper cost you nothing, Free! Think long term and imagine the yearly savings. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your business and drive it towards greater success!

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Sleeper TSX & installation for only $5,200 for a limited time only. Financing Available. Don’t miss this opportunity, Contact us today! 

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